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Realign Pilates Online 

Just like a face to face class but in the comfort of your own home.

Have you always wanted to try Pilates but struggle to commit to attending a weekly class?
We now have the perfect solution! Thanks to technology - Pilates online!

Realign Pilates classes run through a private Facebook group or can be emailed over directly to you.
In the Facebook group you can attend the class as it live streams or you can choose to watch anytime, anywhere, as and when it suits your schedule! You can even pause me!

The classes are taught exactly as they would in a face to face class, you can type hi at the start of the session, leave comments giving that personal feel to your sesson.

No traffic! No last minute dash to class – just pop me on your phone, laptop or cast to yout tv when you're ready!

To book online sessions contact me:

07958 958 468

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