When and Where are the Classes?

All of our classes are held in the gorgeous, state of the art studios at Megastars Academy, Hazel Grove, Stockport. I run eight classes a week that are suitable for people of all skill levels. All Classes are suitable for Beginners & people who have enjoyed Pilates previously. Exercises will be layered to suit all skill levels & can be adapted if necessary for existing conditions. 


Please ensure you have your GP consent if there are any existing conditions & that they are happy for you too exercise in a class environment.

Give me a ring or drop me an email to book or get more information - I’d love to hear from you!


9:45am - 10:45am

10:55am - 11:55am

12:15pm - 1:00pm


6:10pm - 7:05pm

7:15pm - 8:10pm

8:20pm - 9:15pm


9:45am - 10:45am

10:55am - 11:55am

Additional Services

One to One

Please email me to arrange

Call Me To Book

07958 958 468

How Much Does it Cost?

All classes usually run in block booking of 6 sessions. 

Please enquire stating preferred time (prices start from £36.00).

Booking is essential as spaces are limited to approximately 12 people per class.

1:2:1 sessions start from £25.00

What’s A Realign Pilates Class Like?

Although Pilates is treated by experts as an intelligent exercise because it’s underpinned by lots of technical knowledge, my lessons are first and foremost about your enjoyment. The classes can be challenging but we’re always going to have a laugh because I think it’s important to have fun whilst we’re learning. 


As much as I love to inject some fun into my classes, I always make sure that my clients get the full Pilates experience. We’ll focus on all the principles of Pilates like breathing, concentration, control, precision and flow so you’ll always leave my classes with a deeper understanding of the art.


Of course, I understand that Pilates can be hard (I was also a beginner once), so I make it a priority to create a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone to feel comfortable in! My classes aim to help reduce anxiety, relieve your tension and help with relaxation so you can be assured that we will ease into each position comfortably and at your own pace. The precision of the positions is challenging but I’ll always be there to help you!

How Can I Prepare For a Pilates Class?

I’ll provide all the equipment you need which includes mats, blocks, bands and stability balls so there will be plenty of variety in the classes. All you need to do is bring yourself and some comfortable clothing (preferably something loose so I can see your alignment clearly). Looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

Also, if you have any physical conditions please check with your GP if Pilates is suitable for you. Looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

Improving Strength, Flexibility & Posture

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