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4 Reasons To Do Pilates

4 reasons to take Pilates classes

Pilates has long been hailed by physiotherapists, health care professionals and fitness experts as an effective method of treating a range of physical conditions. Those who are trained in the art of Pilates and those who have studied physiology always recommend Pilates because they know how much of a positive impact it can have. However, I appreciate that this isn’t common knowledge and before I began practicing it myself, I too was a sceptic. So, this is for people who are curious about Pilates but are unsure of how much it could really help them. Before I began practicing, I researched and learned; here are some of the things that sold me.

1. Pilates Is For Everyone and Can Be Tailored To Your Needs

Pilates is for everyone

Whether you’re a professional athlete, pregnant, or not into fitness at all, Pilates is still for you. Whatever your level of skill or your level of fitness, it can be tailored to your condition and your preferences. There are hundreds of exercises and positions that we can do: each of them focusing on strengthening or treating various body parts. Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, Pilates sessions can be modified for each every client. My classes are split by skill level so everyone can be included!

2. It’s Gentle and Smooth But Also Challenging!

Pilates can be challenging

When it comes to fitness and strengthening our bodies, the best results are achieved when our bodies are put under the right amount of pressure. Pilates is the perfect way to do just that! In my classes I make sure that the transition between each move is as seamless as possible. Pilates is flexible because we can increase the intensity as you get better so it will be challenging, but not too challenging.

3. Pilates Can Be Used To Treat The Mind and The Body

Pilates to treat the mind, body and soul

Pilates revitalises and refreshes both our minds and our bodies! It focuses on teaching proper breathing techniques as well as correcting your spinal and pelvic alignment so it improves mental and physical well-being. By learning how to breathe properly, you’ll be able to execute your movements much more efficiently and they’ll have maximum effectiveness on the body. It’s no secret that people leave Pilates classes feeling relaxed and calm; this is because breathing exercises are also effective in reducing stress. Win win!

4. It Helps People Develop A Strong Core and Back

Pilates to improve core strength

Who doesn’t want abs? Pilates is renowned for its effect on the ‘core’ of our bodies, meaning our abdominal muscles and spinal muscles. Pilates improves muscle elasticity and mobility which makes your body more resilient in the long term. A strong, flexible body is much less prone to injury. We know that most people hate abs day but in one of my Pilates classes, you’ll never have more fun working out your abs!

My Pilates classes are accessible to anyone living in the Stockport/Manchester area. Come down, strengthen your muscles, heal your ailments and have some fun! Contact me to book, I can’t wait to see you at one of my sessions.

I love Pilates and I’m sure you will too.

Gilly x

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